Central Auditory Physiology Laboratory

Suzie LaBelle

My name is Suzie LaBelle. I am a senior undergraduate at Northwestern University, studying Communication Sciences and Disorders and on the premed track. I am interested in a career in pediatrics, and plan to also explore the field of cochlear implant surgery. I joined the lab my freshman year through a grant from the Early Research Experience Award Program, and have helped Dr. Sanchez with lab setup and management from its start. Over this past year, I worked with graduate student, Karla Quinones, on her capstone project, Mechanisms Underlying Short-Term Synaptic Plasticity in the Lower Auditory Brainstem, which she presented at the American Academy of Audiology 2014 Conference. I spend my free time singing with Significant Others Acapella, reading romance novels, and enjoying every possible moment of nice weather outside.