Central Auditory Physiology Laboratory

LuLu Xu

My name is Lulu Xu and I am currently a junior at Northwestern. I’ve been working is Professor Sanchez’s lab since spring of 2013. I feel that I have gotten a lot out of my experience working in the lab. Neuroscience is something that I am interested in and would like to pursue in the future. In lab, I not only have gotten to work on publishing a poster, but I have also been able to experience working with the brain in a hands on way. Outside of being in lab, I am part of the Northwestern Figure Skating team and I have been skating competitively for more than 12 years. I am also a volunteer at Lurie Children’s Hospital and the Mather Pavilion Nursing Home. My spirit animal is the elephant. They are wise, compassionate animals that are loyal, and care for their loved ones.